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Creating NFTs on Cardano

The Cardano blockchain is a great choice for creating NFTs. Right now much of the popular activity is around art-based image NFTs and there’s a massive community that’s sprung up. 

One thing that’s often overlooked about the NFT scene currently is that the large-scale adoption of image-based NFTs is resulting in a powerful suite of tools being created by developers and also all sorts of companies that have sprung up to service this community. As NFTs mature and all the other sides of what NFTs can do start to appear, these tools are going to be ready and available for all of them too. It’s really quite a beautiful self-building mechanism that’s helping create all of the functionalities which are going to end up being so useful in all sorts of diverse NFT usage applications.

If you are new to NFTs and don’t understand what all the fuss is about, check out my NFTs on Cardano page to discover why they are going to be so useful to us all

Buy some!

The simplest way to get a NFT on Cardano is just to buy one ready made! You’ll need a Cardano wallet and some ADA. Once you have that, here’s links to a few sites you may want to checkout:

ADA Handle

The NFT-powered naming solution on Cardano. You're definitly going to want to buy your own adahandle NFT.

The biggest NFT reseller site on Cardano. Very influential and run by great people

A NFT reseller specialising in more general art pieces.

Make some!

Want to make your very own NFT? No problem, there are all sorts of services that have sprung up to help make it easy for you!

Creating image based NFTs on Cardano

Here’s links to some of the more popular no-code services to get you going:

NMKR are fast proving themselves a great go to place for lots of no-code NFT minting tasks on Cardano. offer minting in addition to their NFT reselling marketplace

Cardano Native Token

A low cost NFT maker from a community member.


Another low cost minting service

Creating digital tokens on Cardano

There are a lot of companies building right now, expect this area to expand rapidly. Here are a couple of the first to launch examples:

ADA Handle

The NFT-powered naming solution on Cardano.


Owning your own online identity through the use of DIDs and digital tokens.

NFT tools, stats, live info, etc