Digital Cash

The most secure blockchain

If you’re going to use a blockchain for money, identity, property, government, etc you want it to be secure right?!

In reality, you can’t actually call something “the most secure” unless you are talking in hindsight because you only know about security vulnerabilities once they get discovered! However, the foundations and principles Cardano is built on arguably give it the greatest chance of being the most secure smart contract blockchain ever built.

Security is an all-encompassing field that needs to be involved in every decision about the construction of a blockchain.

From the use of Haskell as its programming language (the same programming language chosen by banks, large financial institutions and other mission-critical infrastructure), to the years spent carrying out the most thorough academic research of every aspect of its design, Cardano has consistently been the leader in security best practices and approaches in the blockchain space. Other blockchains avoided this work and these features in the interests of speed and ease of development. Cardano is the only leading blockchain to offer these assurances to its users.

Does it mean Cardano can’t be hacked? Well no, it’s software and mistakes can still be made. However, the principles adopted by Cardano give its users the best tools possible to avoid those mistakes. Mistakes may still occur and money might still be lost, that’s software and humans developing software unfortunately (just think how many billions the traditional banking system has lost to mistakes and scams over the years). However, Cardano arguably offers the best blockchain tools a user, developer, or institution can choose to work with.

Slow and steady development

Cardano has taken a lot of mocking during its formative years for its slow approach.