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Using the Cardano blockchain

Actually using the Cardano blockchain is an area that’s evolving rapidly. Cardano is currently going through an era of major feature and product releases and intense development of toolsets that support it. This page is a work in progress, I’ll be adding notable projects to it as they release over the coming months.

Accessing the Cardano blockchain

The Cardano blockchain is decentralised and public. Anyone can read everything on it. Here are links to a few services that make it simple and easy:

Cardano on BigQuery

Read information from the Cardano blockchain directly in Google's BigQuery and create insightful dashboards in DataStudio.


NFT content delivery as a service. Display Cardano NFTs efficiently & optimally.


Cardano Blockchain Explorer

Free, instant, and scalable, enterprise-grade access to the Cardano ecosystem, IPFS, and Milkomeda.

Decentralized and Elastic RESTful query layer for exploring data on the Cardano blockchain to consume within applications/wallets/explorers/etc.

Tango Crypto

APIs and developer tools to provides you with fast access to the Cardano network. Webhooks to track on-chain events in real-time and real-time notifications

Creating smart contracts on the Cardano blockchain


A cloud environment with all the tools for building your dApp. All the Cardano infrastructure that you need in one place.

A popular new programming language and toolchain giving devs the ability to code smart contracts with familiar syntax and providing practical documentation.


Helios smart contract DSL to help you develop Cardano DApps more productively, using only Javascript.


A libarary designed to build Cardano dApps in an efficient and developer friendly way using Typescript.


Cardano Cryptographic and Serialization library for .NET applications.


Create peer to peer financial agreements using templates and drag and drop techniques. A beautifully simple solution to smart contracts.


Open-source library providing tools to easily build powerful dApps on Cardano.


Providers of infrastructure and project-based learning courses that support everyone building on Cardano and incubating new projects.

Enables companies to integrate with blockchains at low cost, with high development velocity and high security.


List of open source projects aimed at solving tooling issues and development challenges on Cardano.

Developer of the Joget open source no-code/low-code application platform, empowers business users, non-coders, or coders to create enterprise applications across industries and countries.


Imperative Language Framework for Cardano for writing Smart Contracts in Python.

A library for JavaScript, Deno and Node.js. Built-in emulator for testing.

Integrating Cardano into a website


Connect your WordPress website to the Cardano blockchain, creating unique integrated decentralised application experiences

Getting help

Cardano has the friendliest and most supportive community in the entire blockchain space. There are lots of people happy to answer questions or provide help and guidance. We’re all here for the same reason, to change the world for the better through Cardano as the people’s blockchain.

Cardano Developers

The official developer portal

Stack Exchange

The Cardano Stack Exchange for developers

The official Cardano forum, with topics broken down into all the different areas of the Cardano ecoystem