Digital Cash

Good blockchains are here to change the world, from digital cash to all sorts of new people-focused digital services.

We’ve suddenly found ourselves living in an age where the tech giants control vast swathes of how our lives and societies function. Where large corporations can financially deplatform you in an instant, without recourse. Where governments are applying technology in more and more invasive and controlling ways.

Good blockchains were created to bring power back to the people, to all the citizens of our societies. They are creating powerful technologies to make a better society for all.

You’ve probably heard plenty of bad things about crypto and blockchains. There are many that are bad. But this technology is still here and has become the behemoth it is today because amongst them are the good blockchains. The ones that this whole movement was first created for. The ones that strive every day to create a fairer society for all.

Think that’s rubbish? Been told that’s rubbish? I bet I can change your mind if you give me a few moments of your time…

The mainstream narrative around crypto and blockchain so far has been one of fear, uncertainty, and doubt. It’s time for that to change.

Good blockchains provide open access, regardless of who you are, what country you live in, or what authorities have deemed is safe for you. In the blockchain world we call this “permissionless”.

Good blockchains are resilient and reliable. No one has control over them. No one can cancel you or take away your assets on them. Its why they are called “decentralized”. It’s this key innovation which makes them so different to everything that has come before.

Good blockchains are simply code, computer code that is open to everyone to use. No corporations or individuals deciding what they can be used for, or who can use them.

Good blockchains have so many people excited by them because they provide a new kind of computer code that spells out exactly what can and can’t happen, for everyone to see, without malicious or profit-motivated humans in the middle secretly controlling the outcomes to their own benefit for the services you want to use.

Today, incredibly, there are still billions of people around the world who don’t have access to basic, reliable financial services. Good blockchains are also here to solve this. Bringing low-cost and fair financial services to the unbanked.

You’ve seen how email and messaging have made the postal service irrelevant.

You’ve witnessed how the web has transformed how we share information.

Blockchain is the next wave of tech innovation, where power is returned to individual people, to transact freely, with everyone.

Why should I care about blockchain?

Level 1 - Blockchain Basics

Level 2 - Cardano, A Good Blockchain

Cardano isn’t the only good blockchain, but it is one who’s capabilities and community excite many people the most and is the blockchain this website focuses on exploring in more depth.

Level 3 - Cardano Guru

Level 4 - NFT & Metaverse Guru

Level 5 - Creating on Cardano

What is "Blockchain" & "Web3"?

quick simple answer:

A blockchain is a network of computers that provide secure transactions for everyone.

Web3 is a term used to describe blockchains and also lots of the services and good things they enable.

What makes a good blockchain?

quick simple answer:

A good blockchain is decentralized, usable by everyone on equal terms and isn’t controlled by any corporation or government.

A good blockchain is also trustable, anyone can use it and be totally sure it can be relied upon.

How does Cardano solve decentralization?

quick simple answer:

Cardano’s primary reason for existing is to bring fairness and access to financial services to everyone, including the poorest in society. To do that properly, it had to get decentralization right, from the outset.

It stands today as by far the most decentralized leading blockchain, thanks to its fair coin distribution, large number of community-owned stake pools, highly passionate community and its open-source credentials.

Why are good blockchains useful?

quick simple answer:

They provide decentralized finance, from basic banking to all sorts of financial services. All without reliance on banks or being able to be manipulated by central governments.

They allow everyone to transact with anyone else, without barriers or gatekeepers.

They enable brilliant new digital tools, from artists selling NFTs to highly secure tokens representing anything at all.

They give businesses functionality never before available, solving many of today’s issues and enabling the creation of entirely new solutions and services.